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"Do not dream your life live your dream".


             This phrase clearly defines what is La Casona de Sarria.


              We are a marriage like many others who share life and dreams. We always knew that whatever either of them dreamed would be part of the other, then we do not understand life without each other.


            In the search for our place in the world, having a comfortable life in the capital and with everything you could wish, work and home. One day we decided that our lives should be more useful and make sense of everything we did, looking for something that would provide us experiences and enriching experiences, offering service and attention to others, where people are more receptive and open, willing to share a piece of his life with us, without differences and where everyone is shown as it is. !!! Better than in the way of Santiago.¡¡¡ And so, after having traveled more than 7 times, collecting all sorts of feelings and desires, we find the Casona in Sarria, in a place where people are friendly and generous, that They have made us feel part of a whole, with an excellent environment and likely to have a future.


               Practically with our hands we have restored a typical Galician house, built in 1940, which was in ruins. We have respected its essence. The structure of wooden sticks brown, stone walls of the country with walls almost a meter wide and beautiful cherry staircase with handrails. With all this we want the pilgrim feel at home with the warmth offered by the wood and a fireplace.


             After much effort and suffering we started our journey, happy to have come this far and with a whole future ahead full of promising experiences.


            From hour and everything it is in God's hands.


Marcela y Antonio



Life for a dream